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Website Redesign

Is your website looking a little dated? 

Worried about the high costs of your website's redesign? 

  • Website creation and the design process are fully automated on Exai. Our partners can, therefore, pass the cost savings onto you. 
  • All our prices are transparent and geared towards Small and Medium Businesses on a budget. 
Not sure how to find the right website design specialist? 
  • Exai will find a web designer for you! We only recommend web designers that have experience working on Exai.

How do I know if my website will be delivered on time and within my budget? What if the designer wants me to pay upfront?

  • Exai's team controls the backend (CRM) and the frontend (CMS) of the system. This allows us to track every step of the working process to ensure all the working areas are covered and website's goals are aimed.  
The costs for website's redesign are fixed and transparent. Exai acts as the escrow ensuring client's and partner’s satisfaction, quality work delivered on time!

What happens in case of a dispute between me and the designer? 

  • In the case of disputes between partner and clients, Exai will adjudicate to ensure fair business terms for both partners and clients. We have all the metadata from our software so we can judge fairly.

Agree on ongoing responsibilities 

  • When your design is complete, you have Exai’s support team to rely on for any additional help. Ongoing responsibility including efficiency, backups, speed - You can rely on us 24/7!

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