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If you’re a small business looking to create your own website and you need a simple to manage solution that comes at one fixed price, 

then you’re in the right place! 

Feature comparison: How do you build a website? Automatic vs Manual

14 reasons to choose Exai Web Builder to get the job done!

  • No code or design experience needed: The website editor works on a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) basis. When you build your pages you can actually see what the end result will look like in real time. 
  • Templates: Automatically configured to sync with the business field of your choice. Exai automatically populates your template with corresponding images based on your business field. This means you can manually add a picture that you want or leave the ones Exai chooses for you.
  • Widget blocks: Drag and Drop widgets that are predefined, so you can insert content easily and efficiently. 
  • Keywords and On Page SEO: One dashboard to update keywords, page descriptions and h1 headings. Tags are automatically updated on each page for you. 
  • Google fonts: Full array of free web fonts to choose from. 
  • Free image gallery: Choose from 1000's of free images 
  • Website color management: Change your website color scheme by adjusting the color wheel to suite a different look and feel. Change back to the original at any time.
  • Layout management: Widgets are auto adjusted on the page, reducing errors and allowing accurate, stunning look and feel to your site.
  • Menu management: You can drag and drop to a different menu on the same page. So moving a menu button from a side menu to a top menu is intuitive through using drag and drop. 
  • Plugins and security: Exai is fully managed. It's backend is updated automatically, making sure you will never experience any problems using in house plugins. Security and your site speed are both overseen by Exai, as well.
  • Mobile: Every site built with Exai is mobile friendly. The items on your mobile site can be individually organized, so that important call to action or key elements are not left out. 
  • Costs: Flat rate from $11-$15/month depending on whether you want a monthly or yearly subscription. 
  • Free trial: There is also an initial 21 day free trial before upgrading. 
  • Full Support: Online chat, e-mail, tutorial videos and support pages for any scenario. 

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