We rely heavily on our partners to help 
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Website Reseller

Big commissions are what keeps you in the business!

We created a platform with a "Website Re-seller Program" where you determine how many websites you want to sell and what to charge your customers. 

Exai’s Website Re-seller Program is flexible!

There is huge demand and market growth for Small Businesses needing new websites or needing to move their websites (transfer) to an easier managed website platform.

Add end users and partners and build your own downstream based on your own unique business model.

Make money: Receive commissions indefinitely as long as your customers continue paying for hosting. 

Fund withdrawal: Exai acts as an escrow ensuring you get paid on time. Our platform traces every transaction and your money becomes available for withdrawal immediately upon funding, directly to your bank account or PayPal.

Target market: Worldwide - sell globally with no restrictions and your revenue is ongoing indefinitely as long as your client pays ongoing hosting fees.

What's the process? 

Website resellers are responsible for promoting websites on Exai in an honest fashion. Company's reputation is important and as such, Exai reserves the right to turn down any reseller applications or to terminate the reseller agreement at any time if we find that Exai is being represented incorrectly.

No upfront fees!

Exai's unique Website Reseller Program allows you to sell our websites and get paid in advance! No charges and expensive joining fees!

Complete the form below if you're ready for this opportunity and one of our representatives will be in direct contact with further details!

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