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The advantage of User Roles Editor is the ability to assign roles to different types of users, 
giving each one a different type of editing access to parts of your website.

Adding users to your site is an excellent way to allow co-workers to edit your site under supervision and control. Users across your organization can now update and maintain their own content and you can always have an insight into the changes.

Based on the user-role you set, you can determine different editing access to each user role. User roles can vary from individual page content permission to website design. The more qualified the user is - the higher level of access they have. For example, a user whose role is a Business Administrator cannot change the design of the site layout but can edit text widgets. 

We have over 15 roles that can be set for users, including:
  • Design Permission - enabling a user to edit the design and layout of your site. 
  • Edit Website Body - enabling a user to edit only the body of your site
  • Header restricted - cannot edit header section of site
  • Footer restricted - cannot edit footer section of site
  • Domain access restrictions


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