Success Stories

 "The simplest way to create a

                 beautiful website. Stress Free!"


Website Migration Stories

  • Ted Florida"We migrated our site to an in house fully managed solution. Saved us a ton of extra expenses."
  • Ethan New York "I transferred our website to Exai.-No more anxiety dealing with programmers. It's easy to learn and update." 
  • Paul from Boston Massachusetts "We migrated 50 websites efficiently and they gave me a full management back end CRM with Billing included for our worldwide clients. "
  • George LA, USA."Exai's team did a great job overseeing our website conversion requirements." 

Website Building Stories

  • Giovanni, MILAN, ITALY "Exai saved us all the headache of dealing with SEO and I can set permissions for our staff to use the site, add content as we need." 
  • Farida JAKARTA, INDONESIA "I could update the website myself with no need for programmers. It has multilingual functions. Exactly what we need."
  • Raul, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL," A Clean design and easy to learn. A no nonsence solution to build and upkeep your site.Love it!"
  • Yang , TAIWAN, TAIPEI "Excellent support and resources to help me learn the system."
  • Stephen, LONDON UK "Very convenient to update content."

Outsourcing to Partners

  • Agnes FRANCE "Get your entire web building and SEO needs done for you and set the permissions you want your partners to have. You still maintain full control and oversight to everything"
  • David COLOGNE GERMANY "Exai allows us to focus on our business and outsource our website building,design and SEO to the professionals."
  • Abdul UAE said " an affordable and professional service 24/7 for all our needs, from design to SEO."
  • Paul LONDON UK "Get an outsourced solution for any of your website requirements."