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Platform for Agencies

Is your CMS becoming too expensive to manage? 

Need an end-to-end solution at no extra cost?

Exai offers a fully managed CMS to build websites, CRM to manage all your clients, 

Billing platform to manage global payments and a marketplace to increase your customer base.

A Marketplace for Service Providers

Need to find more work? 

Seeking reliable talent? 

The premier marketplace for Web designers, Graphic designers, Web developers and SEO experts.

Finally, a marketplace where you can get hired for your skills and source reliable experts for any website project.

Partner Program

Seeking a partner program with

a unique solution and massive demand? 

Thousands of Small and Medium Business are stuck with old websites, difficult to manage that sit on platforms like WordPress or Joomla. 

Partner with Exai and offer these companies the ability to transfer their site into Exai's fully managed CMS platform that maintains SEO rankings.


"We migrated our site to an in house

 fully managed solution. 

Saved us a ton of extra expenses."


"Exai saved us all the headache of dealing with SEO and I can set permissions for our staff to use the site, add content as we need."

Giovanni,  ITALY

"Get your entire web building and SEO needs done for you and set the permissions you want your partners to have. You still maintain full control and oversight of everything"